Booster Pro 2 vs Pro 3

In this review, we will compare the Booster Pro 2 and Booster Pro 3 massage guns. Is the latest version of Booster’s flagship device worth the extra cost or should you go for its predecessor? This side-by-side comparison will help you make the right choice.

Stall Force

Battery Life

Adjustable Speed

Working Noise


33.0 lbs

Up to 4 hours

1800 to 3400 ppm, 9 levels

70 dB


33.0 lbs

Up to 6 hours

1300 to 3300 ppm, 4 levels

55 dB


Comparison: Booster Pro 2 vs Pro 3


Let’s kick this Booster Pro 2 vs Pro 3 comparison off by looking at the amplitude, which is often also referred to as stroke length. As a reminder, everything 12 mm and above will give you a percussive massage experience, while everything below is more of a vibrational massage.

Winner: Draw

12 mm

12 mm


Other than the shared amplitude, both devices also have the same stall force. It takes about 33 lbs until the brushless motor inside the Pro 2 and the Pro 3 reaches its limits, which is more than enough to activate your muscles, release tensions, and increase blood flow.

Winner: Draw

33.0 lbs

33.0 lbs

Frequency & Speed Levels

The Booster Pro 2 is able to generate up to 3400 percussions per minute (ppm) and offers a total of nine different speed levels. So how is it possible that the newer version only has four?

Booster added their new Pressure Control System to the Pro 3 instead, which allows you to customize your massage experience not only by changing the speed but also the pressure.

Winner: Draw

3400 ppm, 9 levels

3300 ppm, 4 levels


While the first three rounds in this Booster Pro 2 vs Pro 3 comparison were pretty close, the new flagship device definitely takes the win in this category. With a battery life of up to six hours, one charge should get you through the whole week and is 50% above the Pro 2.

Winner: Booster Pro 3

Up to 4 hours

Up to 6 hours


Another big improvement was made regarding the noise level. While the brushless motor of the Pro 3 generates the same power as the older version, it does so at just 55 decibels. This is comparable to an electric toothbrush and allows you to use the Pro 3 even at the office or other quiet places without disturbing anyone.

Winner: Booster Pro 3

Around 70 dB

Around 55 dB


For the latest generation of the Booster Pro massage guns, an additional massage head was added to an already impressive list of five interchangeable attachments:

  • Bullet Head: Used for trigger point massage
  • Flat Head: Used for massaging chest and legs
  • Round Head: Suitable for full-body muscle massage and relaxation
  • Spade Head: Used for cervical and lumbar massage
  • Spinal Head: Used for massaging spine and neck
  • Air Compression Soft Head: Used for sensitive muscle groups and soft tissue relaxation (Pro 3 only)

Both devices come with a travel case, which allows you to keep your massage gun and all accessories including massage heads in one place.

Winner: Booster Pro 3

5 attachments

6 attachments

Weight & Dimensions

Speaking of the travel case, let’s finish things off with the weight and dimensions of both massage guns. At 2.3 and 2.6 lbs, respectively, both devices are suited to bring along to the gym or the office. The Pro 2 is also a bit smaller than the Pro 3, making it the winner of this category.

Winner: Pro 2

2.3 lbs, 7.9 x 2.4 x 11.2 in

2.6 lbs, 8.5 x 2.5 x 11.2 in

Conclusion: Booster Pro 2 vs Pro 3 – Which One Should You Buy?

So which Booster Pro massage gun should you pick? The Booster Pro 2 and the Booster Pro 3 have the same amplitude of 12 mm, the same stall force of 33 lbs, and generate almost the same amount of percussions per minute. They are both fitted with silicon for better grip and are very similar in size.

Where they really differ is the massively improved battery life and decreased noise level of the Pro 3. This allows you to use the updated version for up to six hours until you need to find a charger. The lower working noise of around 55 decibels also makes it a lot more suitable for use at the office or around other people.

That said, if you only plan to use your new massage gun at home where you are not disturbing anyone and won’t share the lower battery life of four hours with other people like your teammates, definitely opt for the Pro 2 and save some money by doing so.

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