What Massage Gun Do the Dallas Stars Use?

The Dallas Stars use the Theragun PRO massage gun, the Wave Roller smart vibrating foam roller, the PowerDot 2.0 Duo muscle stimulator, and the RecoveryAir PRO pneumatic compression boots to help prevent injuries and improve recovery.

“Our partnership will not only give our athletes access to Therabody’s ecosystem of smart, industry-leading devices and solutions, but provide our fans with the resources to apply their favorite players’ wellness regimens to their own lives,” said President and CEO Brad Alberts.

The players will use the Theragun PRO before, during, and after games and practices to enhance recovery and reduce soreness. To reduce muscle swelling and stiffness, increase blood flow, and clear metabolic waste, they will implement the RecoveryAir PRO into their recovery regimen.

“Hockey demands the highest levels of flexibility, strength, and agility from its players, making a strong recovery regimen an absolute imperative,” explains Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody.

“We’re honored to integrate our devices and research into the Dallas Stars’ routines and play a key role in how they optimize their workouts to make recovery a top priority, along with practices, strength training, and nutrition.”

The Dallas Stars are the second NHL team to partner with Therabody after the Boston Bruins. The Los Angeles, California-based company would later reach a similar deal with the New York Rangers. Therabody is also the Official Recovery Partner of the Dallas Mavericks.

About the Dallas Stars

Founded in 1967, the Dallas Stars compete in the Central Division in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). Originally based in Bloomington, Minnesota, the franchise relocated to Dallas, Texas in 1993.

All of the eight division titles, three conference titles, and the only Stanley Cup in franchise history were won during their time in Dallas. Some of the team’s most famous players include Brett Hull, Ed Belfour, and Mike Modano, all of whom were introduced to the Hockey Hall of Fame.


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