What Massage Gun Does Johnny Gaudreau Use?

Johnny Gaudreau uses the Theragun PRO massage gun to help him recover from the physically demanding life as a professional ice hockey player in the NHL.

“Whether I’m practicing, about to play a game, or resting at home, Theragun helps my muscles relax and recover before I get back out on the ice… it really has helped me be the player I am today,” the Calgary Flames forward explained.

For Los Angeles, California-based Therabody, Gaudreau represented the first partnership with a player or team from the NHL. Today, they are the Official Recovery Partner of the Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars, and New York Rangers while also working with Bo Horvat.

Here is how Gaudreau takes care of his body before and after each game:


Making back-and-forth motions with his Theragun PRO, Gaudreau sweeps his calves, adductors, quads, and hip flexors for 30 seconds each. He then moves on to his forearms for about 15 seconds each and makes sure to add flexion and extension stretches while doing so.


After the game is before the game. To allow his muscles to recover as well as possible, Gaudreau picks up his massage gun in the locker room and treats his feet, inner and outer thighs, and glutes for 30 seconds each. He also repeats the routine for his forearms.

About Johnny Gaudreau

John Michael Gaudreau was born in Salem, New Jersey, on August 13, 1993. He was selected by the Calgary Flames in the 2011 NHL Draft and sent to the Boston College Eagles to start his career. In his last year with the Eagles, Gaudreau was named the best player in the NCAA.

His debut in the NHL was the final game of the 2013/14 season against the Vancouver Canucks, where he scored the first NHL goal of his career on his first shot. At only 5’9”, Gaudreau is one of the shorter players in the league – a fact he adapted to with his agile and dynamic playing style.

Featured image courtesy of Therabody.


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