What Massage Gun Does Maria Sharapova Use?

Maria Sharapova uses the Theragun PRO, Theragun Elite, and Theragun mini massage guns to prepare her muscles for an upcoming workout and to improve her recovery. She is also a fan of the Wave Roller, one of Therabody’s vibrating foam rollers.

“As an athlete, I know firsthand the importance of approaching health from a holistic perspective. Getting your body in peak condition isn’t just about the effort you put into training. Preparation and recovery are key to performing at your best,” the 5x Grand Slam Champion explained.

In fact, Sharapova became so convinced of Therabody‘s products that she decided to invest in the company and join the advisory board. “Since Therabody’s launch, they have continued to demonstrate they are on the cutting-edge of combining technology, fitness, and wellness, bringing more balance to people’s lives,” she stated.

“I’m thrilled to join the team as they continue their mission to transform and revolutionize the tech wellness space.”


Before heading on the court, Maria uses the Theragun PRO to warm up her muscles and get her body ready for the upcoming session. While she focuses on her shoulders, she also makes sure to pay attention to her calves, lower back, and rest of her body.

The Wave Roller, one of Therabody’s vibrating foam rollers, is also part of her warm-up routine. “I love using the Wave Roller on my hamstrings and my calves before I train. It’s the perfect way to kick off a tough workout.”


Sharapova also uses the Theragun PRO on her whole body right after she gets off the court, seeing that recovery is such an essential part of training and competing on this level.

For recovery on the go or in between meetings, she always has the Theragun mini with her. “It’s so versatile, and fits right in my travel bag, making it easy to maintain my recovery routine wherever I am and whenever I need it.”

About Maria Sharapova

Born in the former Soviet Union on 19 April 1987, Maria Yuryevna Sharapova moved to Florida at the age of seven and has been a permanent resident of the United States ever since.

She has been ranked as the No. 1 female tennis player in the world several times in her career and is a five-time Grand Slam Champion. Furthermore, she is only the 7th female tennis player ever to win each Grand Slam at least once.

After retiring from professional tennis in 2020, Sharapova focused on her candy brand Sugarpova and other business endeavors. She became an early investor and strategic advisor to Therabody that same year and now works with the company on product offerings, their global growth strategy, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Therabody.


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