What Massage Gun Does the MLB Use?

Hyperice became the Official Recovery Technology Partner of the MLB in October 2020. Their next-generation products and technologies including the Hypervolt Plus massage gun are available for MLB athletes during games, in the dugout, and bullpen to optimize player performance, improve mobility, and speed up recovery.

The partnership demonstrates the commitment MLB has made to optimize player performance, mobility, and recovery through innovative technology solutions from Hyperice. The league has also agreed to make a strategic investment in Hyperice.

Noah Garden, MLB Chief Revenue Officer Statement

“Hyperice is one of the most innovative companies in sports today and many baseball players already use their products, making them an ideal strategic partner,” said Noah Garden, MLB Chief Revenue Officer.

“Hyperice’s innovative products can play an important role in player recovery, which is especially relevant in an everyday sport like baseball. We look forward to working alongside Hyperice as they continue to grow, supporting our players and teams for the rest of the Postseason and years to come.”

Player Health and Longevity

As part of the partnership, Hyperice and MLB will also work together with Club medical, athletic training, and strength and conditioning professionals to prioritize player health and athlete longevity leaguewide.

Featured image courtesy of Hyperice.


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