Power Plate Pulse vs Hypervolt

In this Power Plate vs Hypervolt review, we will compare Power Plate’s flagship massage gun with the original Hypervolt device. Can the Power Plate Pulse, created by a company that has its background in vibrational therapy and endorsed by Mark Wahlberg, keep up with one of the most popular massage guns on the market? This side-by-side comparison will help you find out.

Power Plate Pulse

Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun, Red

Stall Force

50 lbs

35 lbs

Battery Life

Up to 4 hours

Up to 3 hours

Adjustable Speed

1300 to 3300 ppm, 4 levels

2400 to 3200 ppm, 3 levels

Working Noise

50 dB

65 dB





To make this comparison as fair as possible, we decided to put the Power Plate Pulse up against the original Hypervolt and make the price gap between the two compared devices as small as possible. If you want to learn more about the differences between the two Hyperice massage guns, check out our review Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus.

Comparison: Power Plate Pulse vs Hypervolt


Also referred to as stroke length, the amplitude describes how far the massage head travels into your muscles during usage. With an amplitude of 12 mm, the Power Plate Pulse can be considered a percussive massage device. The Hypervolt on the other hand provides more of a vibrational massage experience.

Winner: Power Plate Pulse

12 mm

10 mm


The stall force of the Power Plate Pulse is an impressive 50 lbs, placing it above average on the market for handheld massagers. Hypervolt’s brushless motor can withstand up to 35 lbs before it reaches its limits. While that should still be more than enough for most users, it is definitely less than its competitor.

Winner: Power Plate Pulse

50.0 lbs

35.0 lbs

Frequency & Speed Levels

With both a broader range and more different speed levels, the Power Plate Pulse also takes the win in this round. Depending on your needs, it provides you with 1,300 up to 3,300 percussions per minute (ppm), divided as follows:

  • Level 1: 1,300 ppm / 22 Hz
  • Level 2: 1,800 ppm / 30 Hz
  • Level 3: 2,500 ppm / 42 Hz
  • Level 4: 3,300 ppm / 55 Hz

Winner: Power Plate Pulse

1300 to 3300 ppm, 4 levels

2400 to 3200 ppm, 3 levels


Hypervolts and Theraguns are the only handheld massage devices that allow you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows users to control the device through an app and follow recovery routines developed by experts, which is a great feature for beginners.

While Power Plate does have an app that includes training tips and workouts, it does not have the ability to connect to the Pulse or control it.

Winner: Hypervolt




Despite the higher stall force, the battery of the Power Plate Pulse runs up to 4 hours on the lowest level compared to up to 3 hours for the Hypervolt. You can expect the charging time for the Pulse to be about 2 hours. It does also have an automatic shutoff timer of 10 minutes in case you forget to switch the device off after usage.

Winner: Power Plate Pulse

Up to 4 hours

Up to 3 hours

Introducing the Power Plate Pulse


Surprisingly, the noise level that the Power Plate massage gun generates is also lower than the Hypervolt’s. At around 50 decibels, it can be compared to an electric toothbrush while the Hypervolt is a bit above that level. Still, both devices can be described as quiet.

Winner: Power Plate Pulse

Around 50 dB

Around 65 dB

Attachments & Accessoires

Next up in our Power Plate Pulse vs Hypervolt comparison are the attachments included with the massage gun. The Pulse once again edges the Hypervolt in this category with six interchangeable massage heads compared to five. Unlike the Hypervolt, it also comes with a carrying case.

Winner: Power Plate Pulse

6 massage heads

5 massage heads

Weight & Dimensions

Finally, let’s finish things off by looking at the weight and dimensions of both devices. At just 2.5 lbs, they are both lightweight enough to take with you anywhere you go. As the dimension are also very similar, we decided to end this comparison with a draw.

Winner: Draw

2.5 lbs, 7.5 x 3.0 x 10.0 in

2.5 lbs, 6.5 x 2.5 x 9.3 in

Conclusion: Power Plate Pulse vs Hypervolt

Although a leader in whole-body vibration for decades, Power Plate only recently entered the rapidly growing market for massage guns. But with the Power Plate Pulse, they managed to develop a quiet device with a considerable stall force of 50 lbs and a battery life of up to 4 hours that sells at a competitive price. Even Mark Wahlberg is convinced!

You should only opt for the Hypervolt if you plan to use it in combination with the Hyperice app, following the numerous recovery routines that were developed by health experts, professional athletes, and teams. Remember that there is also a newer and upgraded version of the Hypervolt. You can learn more about the differences in our comparison Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus.

Power Plate Pulse

Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun, Red

Find out how the Power Plate Pulse fared against one of the most popular massage guns on the market in our comparison Power Plate Pulse vs Theragun.


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