What Massage Gun Does Red Bull Racing Use?

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen, Sergio Pérez, and their world record-breaking pit crew use the Theragun PRO – (Product) RED massage gun to recover faster and more effectively so they can keep performing at the highest level.

Therabody, the company behind Theragun and several other recovery-enhancing products, became the Official Recovery Partner of Red Bull Racing in March 2021 and will help both the drivers and the team behind them get through the intense Formula 1 calendar filled with 23 races.

Long sessions at the steering wheel can create tension and soreness especially in the glutes and shoulders for Red Bull Racing’s drivers, while members of the pit crew can now use their Theragun PRO – (Product) RED to sweep across their lower back, arms, and hands.

“From the outside, Formula One might not seem like an intensely physical sport, especially for the mechanics in the garage. But these guys work incredibly hard to be in the best condition possible and if they weren’t, 1.82-second pit stops wouldn’t be possible,” explained Red Bull Racing’s Team Principal Christian Horner.

A former racing car driver and at the helm of the team since 2005, Horner knows how much work goes into world record-breaking pit stops like this. “The downside is that the intense preparation and repetition can lead to muscle soreness so teaming up with Therabody will help mitigate that and will help the Team recover faster so that they can perform at their best.”

Red Bull Racing’s physios will also get access to Therabody University, Therabody’s educational division led by Founder Dr. Jason Wersland and its network of health and fitness experts. Together, they will develop recovery and training protocols geared towards drivers and pit crews all over the world.

“The Red Bull Racing Team is globally renowned for its speed. From the drivers to the pit crew, each member works incredibly hard physically and mentally, and effective recovery is critical to the team’s success,” said Dr. Jason.

“Therabody is honored to be supporting the Red Bull Racing Team and developing protocols that will help improve their recovery and maximize their performance.”


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