What Massage Gun Does Russell Westbrook Use?

Russell Westbrook uses the Hypervolt 2 Pro massage gun and the Normatec Pro 2.0 recovery boots as well as the Venom Back for thermal therapy and the Hyperice X for contrast therapy to stay at his best through the grind of a long season.

“The recovery and the things we use for recovery has changed drastically”, Westbrook says. “Off the court is probably way more important than on the floor, at this point, because making sure that you do the right proper things for your body to make sure that you are playing at a level that you’re happy with.”

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard likes to keep the Hypervolt 2 Pro nearby to use it “randomly throughout the day”, as he put it. “If I’m just sitting down on the couch I may just Hypervolt and do it”. The device is also part of his pre-game routine.

Additionally, the nine-time NBA All-Star is a big fan of the Normatec Pro 2.0. “Normatec is probably my best friend,” Westbrook says about the recovery boots. “I do that pre-game, after the game, nights before the game or when I’m just chilling”.

“I’m pretty much a walking Hyperice,” he adds, laughing. Westbrook has even invested in Irvine, California-based Hyperice alongside teammate Anthony Davis, Ja Morant, and many other professional athletes. The brand is also the Official Recovery Technology Partner of the NBA.

About Russell Westbrook

Born on November 12th, 1988 in Long Beach, California, Russell Westbrook III was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics with the 4th pick overall of the 2008 NBA Draft. The franchise relocated to Oklahoma City only a few days later.

At the Thunder, Westbrook would form an All-Star combination with Kevin Durant, lead the league in scoring twice, and earn the NBA MVP award in 2017. That same year, he would also set the record for most triple-doubles in a season.

After two quick stints with the Houston Rockets in 2019/20 and the Washington Wizards in 2020/21, Westbrook joined LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Carmelo Anthony at the Los Angeles Lakers in search of his first NBA championship.


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