Kraftgun vs TimTam

In this Kraftgun vs TimTam review, we will compare the two brands’ flagship massage guns against each other. Can the Kraftgun Force, which is the new and improved version of the original Kraftgun, keep up with the TimTam Power Massager Pro, which is famous for raw power and was co-developed by UFC legend Georges St-Pierre? … Read more

Hypervolt vs TimTam

In this Hypervolt vs TimTam review, we will compare the Hypervolt Plus with the TimTam Power Massager Pro. Both are the flagship massage guns for their respective brands, so how do they perform against each other? We put the two devices side by side to make your choice a bit easier. Comparison: Hypervolt Plus vs … Read more

TimTam vs Theragun

In this TimTam vs Theragun review, we will compare the TimTam Power Massager Pro with the Theragun PRO massage gun. While TimTam is especially popular within the MMA community because of its co-founder Georges St-Pierre and an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Theragun is often considered the best percussive therapy device overall. This comparison will … Read more

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